Many people have a jewelry box at home with old jewelry from their mother or grandmother. What’s in it? A Zeeland knot (Zeeuwse knoop), red corals, a gold link bracelet with the names of the children or a pearl necklace? Mighty Mingus recognizes them, those collections with jewels from the last eight to nine decades. You do not sell them, because they were from that beloved mother or grandmother who was so proud of it but you don’t wear them either.

Mighty Mingus can turn a lot of gold or silver jewelry into a beautiful wearable jewel. One that you like to wear, that you cherish and pass on to your own children. We melt into a new object or assemble with new materials a beautiful new Mighty Mingus jewel with the cherished belongings of your family.

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Mighty Mingus
Bernadette Notten

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